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Tee off with VietinBank.

This project provides a "golf voucher" that allows customers can booking tee-time at 30 golf courses in Vietnam. This "golf voucher" can be applied on every day of the week.

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Project information

Project "Tee off with VietinBank" bring to golfer a new payment selection when go to golf course by using a 'Golf Voucher'.

Accordingly, when use this 'Golf Voucher' at reservation stage; Golfer can play a round of golf (18 holes, include green fee and caddie fee) at 30 golf courses below. Golfer free of charge for the voucher to 100% golf fee or only payment 1,100,000 VND for the discount voucher 50%.

List of 30 golf courses in project:

  • The Northen
    1. Chí Linh Star Golf & Country Club
    2. Dai Lai Star Golf & Country Club
    3. Heron Lake Golf Course & Resort
    4. Hanoi Golf Club
    5. BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort + 1/2 golf buggy
    6. BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort
    7. Song Gia Golf & Country Club
    8. Tam Dao Golf & Resort
    9. Mong Cai International Golf Club
    10. Royal Golf Club + 1/2 golf buggy
    11. Trang An Golf Club
    12. FLC Sam Son Golf Links + 1/2 golf buggy
    13. Cua Lo Golf Resort
    14. Asean Resort
    15. Dai Lai Flamingo Golf & Club
  • The Middle
    1. Da Lat Palace Golf Club + 1/2 golf buggy
    2. Sacom Golf Club + 1/2 golf buggy
    3. FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links + 1/2 golf buggy
    4. Bà Nà Hills Golf Club
    5. Diamond Bay Golf & Villas + 1/2 golf buggy
    6. Vinpearl Golf Nha Trang + 1/2 golf buggy
  • The Southern
    1. Dong Nai Golf Resort
    2. Long Thanh Golf Resort
    3. Taekwang Jeongsan Country Club + 1/2 golf buggy
    4. Sea Links Golf & Country Club
    5. Royal Island Golf & Villas + 1/2 golf buggy
    6. Vietnam Golf & Country Club
    7. Tân Sơn Nhất Golf Club + 1/2 golf buggy
    8. Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc + 1/2 golf buggy
    9. Vung Tau Paradise Resort Golf Club
* Customer may pay extra fees for golf carts and direct payment in case one golfer uses one golf cart. Extra fees is subjected to each golf courses.

1. Voucher value:

  • Voucher free 100% golf fee: Green fee & caddie fee /18 holes /1 person/ course.
  • Voucher discount 50% golf fee: Green fee & caddy fee /18 holes /1 person/ course
  • Applicable at 30 Golf courses in Vietnam on weekdays and weekends.
  • The golf courses inclusive share buggy fee are informed at the notification (Exclusive buggy fee for one buggy/one single person).

2. Register & Tee-Time Reservation:

  • All reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance (72 hours) for weekdays and 05 days (120 hours) for weekends, holidays or Tet and no longer 07 days from the tee-time.
  • All reservations must be made through one of these ways:
    • Register through the website: www.vip.alegolf.com/vietinbank
    • Register via Alegolf switchboard 19002093 (from 6h to 20h)
    • Sign up by email: booking@alegolf.com.
  • Reservation Information: Customers must provide full information as bellow:
    • Tee-off date & tee-time
    • Golf course name
    • Number of players & full names
    • Voucher series
    • Voucher code
  • One voucher could be used for one single person
  • During busy times, the golf course has the right to combine players into groups of 4.
  • The voucher is not able to be used directly at golf courses.
  • The customer can only make a new reservation when the previous one has been done absolutely.
  • In case of a new time reservation is not available the programer would be able to refuse and suggest another suitable tee-time for customer. The voucher will be counted to be used only when the time reservation would be done successfully

3. How to make a time reservation
All the time reservations will follow the step by step bellow :

  • Step 1st: Customers book a time reservation follow regulation in No.1 rule above.
  • Step 2nd: Alegolf booking staff confirm booking with process the reservation after receiving customer’s reservation information:
    • In the case of available tee-time : Alegolf booking staff will send the reservation confirmation to the customer by registered email. Confirmation information includes: Name of the golf course, hours of play, confirmation of the value of free golf customer charge (at guest rates), Voucher series & code
    • In the case of unavailable tee-time: Alegolf booking staff will inform and suggest another suitable tee-time for customer to choose. The voucher will be counted to be used if customer agree with new tee-time suggested or will be kept for the next time reservation

4. The terms & conditions of changing and cancellation:

  • All changing or cancellation followed the terms & conditions for prior days/hours of the confirmation will not be charged any penalty.
  • The terms & conditions for prior days/hours of the confirmation follow the particular golf course and will be informed in the confirmation email for reservation by Alegolf booking staff

5. The process for changing or cancellation:

  • Step 1: All changing or cancellation must be informed by one of these ways:
    • Alegolf Call Center 19002093/ (+84) 914 722 877 (from 6am to 8pm)
    • Email to booking@alegolf.com (from 6am to 8pm)
  • Step 2: Alegolf booking staff will confirm the status for customer’s requirement:
    • In the case follows the terms & conditions of changing or cancellation: Alegolf booking staff will send confirmation for new tee-time reservation or cancellation via registered email. Confirmation information includes: Name of the golf course, tee time, confirmation of the free golf fee that the customer is entitled to receive (at guest rates), Voucher code.
    • In the case does not follow the terms & conditions of changing or cancellation: All the vouchers confirmed will be full charged by golf course penalty.

6. Methods of payment:

  • Customers who present a valid voucher code will be free to play 18 holes, including green fee and caddie fee at golf courses in the program. Some of which are included share buggy fee as notes bellow.
  • Customers pay the remaining 50% fee according to the following information:
    • Account holder: Công ty TNHH Marketing and Mores
    • Account number: 19026902068686
    • At: Techcombank – Thang Long Branch
    • Content: Name_ Phone number_ Code orders
  • Or Paymet thought link: https://alegolf.com/alegolfmember/checkout/en
  • Other fees are exclusive will follow the golf courses’ rate and paid at counter

After received 'Voucher Golf". Please re-enter exactly the information recorded on the voucher to complete golf reservation

* Information "Voucher Code" and "Confirmation Code" are listed on the front of the voucher, bottom right (This area inside the white squares of image)



* You can also see the information "Issuance Date" and "Expiry Date" on the back of the voucher, bottom right (This area inside the red squares of image)